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Version 1.1
Released: 16/02/2010
Restriction: 30-day trial
Download size: 1.7 Mb
Size on device: 800 Kb

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SecuWipe - secure data wiping, remote protection

SecuWipe is an advanced data wiping solution that completely removes all traces of sensitive information from Windows Mobile phones and Pocket PCs - remotely and locally, manually and automatically. It is a flexible tool that can become your last shield when the device gets into intruder's hands.

SecuWipe will securely wipe all mobile device space including:

  • Contacts, Calls
  • SMS, MMS messages
  • Email messages and accounts
  • Notes, Recordings, Appointments, Tasks
  • Internet Cache, Cookies and History
  • Free Space
  • SD card(s)
  • Files and Folders

Protect your data from intruders and prying eyes

SecuWipe is data wiping solution that completely removes sensitive data from Windows Mobile phones and Pocket PCs. It wipes all previously deleted data, contacts, email and SMS messages, confidential files and folders from a device and its external media cards. It can be even configured to wipe data remotely from a mobile phone that has been lost or stolen, or it will automatically wipe the device clean once the intruder attempts to insert another SIM card or disable the phone function.

Why use data wiping?

When you delete a file in a usual way, the file is in fact not deleted at all. Usually, all that happens is that the file's name is removed from the file system's index and the space occupied by the file is marked as available for new data. However, as long as no new data is written on those locations, the 'deleted' file can still be recovered.

SecuWipe overwrites the contents of the Windows Mobile device in accordance with strong data erasure methods, including U.S. Department of Defense - DoD 5220.22-M method, Bruce Schneier's algorithm, and Peter Gutmann's algorithm. Read more about data sanitizing algorithms here...

Secure identity - even after the device gets into intruder's hands

SecuWipe can be set up to automatically wipe all desired information in case you assume that your mobile device has been compromised – either it has been lost or stolen, or you have simply forgotten it at your desk. You can now enjoy the remote protection – when you can simply send an SMS that will trigger data wiping on the device. SecuWipe will also take care of other cases – when the intruder has immediately removed the SIM Card to avoid being spied. You may configure SecuWipe to erase data when it detects that the phone function has been turned off, or if it discovers an untrusted SIM card.

Sanitize before recycling

Data wiping is the only secure way to remove traces of any strictly confidential and highly sensitive data. Standard file deletion leaves the contents of the "deleted" file on the device. Hard reset will only remove the addresses of files from the file system index, will overwrite some system files on the top, but large portions of sensitive data will remain easily recoverable. Formatting the media card is not an effective means either - since the files that contained personal details, bank account details, credit card numbers can be recovered too easily.

Data wiping is the only way to securely dispose of the mobile devices within the organisation. It permanently erases all sensitive mobile data, including files, folders, entire removable media cards, as well as all email, contacts, appointments and tasks' databases. It is impossible to restore any data that has been properly erased.

Sanitize SMS, calls, email messages and temporary files

When you edit documents, containing confidential information, MS Word or Excel create one or more temporary copies of the document in the device memory, and these temporary copies are still there even after you finish working with the document. All this information can be easily recovered easily using data recovery utilities. 

Data sanitizing ensures your privacy. Use SecuWipe to ensure none of your SMS messages, email messages or private files get into wrong hands.

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