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Last updated: 15/11/2010
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SecuBox for Windows CE

AES 256-bit disk encryption for Windows Embedded Compact/ Windows CE handhelds and its media cards. Safe, secure and convenient storage for all  important and business critical information. Prevents information leakage and ensures no data will get into wrong hands.


SecuBox for Windows CE is an advanced solutions that encrypts data on Windows CE handhelds and their external media cards.

SecuBox creates one or more virtual encrypted volumes,  protected with unbreakable industry standard AES 256-bit encryption. Data written to the encrypted volume is automatically encrypted. In case the handheld device is lost or stolen, the information residing on it will remain secure.

SecuBox' on-the-fly encryption is the best and most convenient way to protect customer data, patient records or any other information that needs to secured.


  • Strong 256-bit AES encryption
  • On-the-fly transparent encryption
  • Easy installation, maintenance and usage
  • Secure data - both on handheld and its media cards
  • Fast and efficient support
  • User friendly licensing policy
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