How to encrypt memory cards on your PDA or smartphone

If you carry sensitive data in the SD card of your Windows Mobile device, you might have already thought of preventing unauthorized access to those data and encrypt its memory card.

Encryption is the first line of defense against anyone who gets your mobile device into their hands and attempts to read your sensitive data. With SecuBox you will protect confidential data within minutes, without even thinking about security or changing the way you are used to work with data. 

SecuBox is a compact but powerful encryption program that protects data on your Windows PDA/smartphone and media cards. It creates "virtual memory cards" or “encrypted storage cards” on your mobile device or its memory card - anything written to which is automatically encrypted before being stored. Strong industry standard AES 256-bit encryption is used to encrypt SD cards or Windows Mobile device itself. Besides best possible security, the AES algorithm ensures there will be no slowdown on the device performance during encryption process. 

SecuBox transparently encrypts all data on removable Secure Digital and Compact Flash memory cards. If an encrypted SD card (any other memory card ) is inserted into another device, you will see only a container file which looks like a mess of characters inside. Every time you need to work with your encrypted memory card, the SecuBox encryption software asks you for the password.  No unauthorized person can open and see your sensitive data on the SD card without specifying correct password.

PDA encryption software
Windows Mobile Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 5x/6x) - touch screen devices:

English - v.1.6

EXE (1.7 Mb) | CAB (900 Kb)

Windows Mobile Smartphone - non-touch screen devices:

English - v.1.6

EXE (1.7 Mb) | CAB (346 Kb)

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